Getting Joel Real Timing working with Oculus Rift CV1

  • October 1, 2017 at 11:45 am #2394

    This is a quick guide to getting your Oculus Rift CV1 working with JRT overlays.

    At this point, I’m still working on settings for the CV1 within SteamVR to get it smooth, but this does work correctly.

    Firstly, you cannot run JRT Overlays into the native Oculus SDK which runs when you click “YES” to the white box that comes up when you launch iRacing when it detects the rift.  You need to click “NO” to the option of running “FULL SCREEN IN THE RIFT”.

    The overlay only works within SteamVR so you will need to download steam and create an account.

    You will need the overlay software OVRDrop (which can be found here)

    Install OVRDrop and SteamVR.

    Launch JRT (http://localhost:8000/)

    *Note: I have only tested this with EDGE browser (there seem to be some issues with Chrome)

    Then click one of the overlays (such as the dashboard)

    Launch iRacing.  Click “NO” to the first RIFT detection white box – run in full screen.  Then click “YES” to the run in HMD mode.

    Once iRacing is running, Lauch OVRDrop.

    Set up OVRDrop by selecting the window you’ve started JRT in, and adjust the position to what you’d like.  Loads of tool tips here so read them.

    You’re done!

    Here’s a walk-through guide of how to set up OVRDrop:



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