Improving the Sound of iRacing

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    By default; iRacing outputs it’s sound at a defaulted and rather disappointing 22,000hz which is half the Sound Sample Rate of music CDs!

    I’ll explain the technicalities and science behind this later but lets jump straight into what you need to do!


    1. Navigate to your iracing app.ini file. This is found in Your documents > iRacing  e.g C:\Users\yourname\Documents\iRacing
    2. Open this up in notepad
    3. Press Ctrl + F and type in samplerate then press enter

    Now what should you set it to? I personally have been running 48,000hz. I didn’t notice too much difference going above this.
    You could easily use anywhere between 48,000hz to 192,000hz. However make sure that your sound device is set to the same or higher.

    4. To do this, click on the search windows bar and type in Sound
    5. Right click on the sound device you use for iRacing and click Properties.
    6. Under the Advanced tab you can set your sample rate. It’s best to just set this to the highest one possible.

    Now another dreadful defaulted setting in this file is numSoundStreams. This is how many different audio files can be outputted at once. Turning this up will allow us to hear less important sounds when there is a lot going on.

    1. Repeat the above steps to find numSoundStreams
    2. Set it to either 32 or 64.
    3. Press Ctrl + S

    Boot up the sim and let us know if you hear a difference! Note that some cars it’s more noticeable, try the williams fw31!

    If you have no sound at all, than revert the settings back or use 48,000 as that works for me. I increased the numSoundStreams and it stopped the sounds for me but it works for most people. Mines set to -1.

    Science / Technical Add Later.

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